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About Our Clients

Our ideal client is anyone that is looking to invest in their future.  

Steve believes that is just about everyone - whether it's a family or individual - deserves the opportunity to review their financial situation and determine the best plan for the future. Our office provides comprehensive financial services to clients who reside Ohio and beyond. Many of our clients have come to us from recommendation by a friend or family member. 

Steve serves clients of all ages: Early career (18-49) Pre-retirement age (50-65); & Retirement age (65-85) & can offer recommendations for each stage.  We can also help those that have been affected by a death of a loved one and we have a special place in our hearts for teachers & state employees and love to help them navigate the OPERS processes.   Our clients want to stay in control of their money instead of handing that money over to the government, so we place an emphasis on tax savings as we plan.

For over 40 years, Steve has been helping individuals plan for their future and enjoy their retirement years.  He is dedicated to building lasting relationships, assisting his clients in securing financial peace.  Steve guides clients through the steps of retirement planning (which is so much more than just investing money) by focusing on the following principles:

    • Setting Goals
    • Budgeting (Eliminating Debt)
    • Insurance and Annuities
    • Investments (pensions, 401(k)’s, IRA’s)
    • Building Wealth
    • Tax Planning
    • Leaving a Legacy for loved ones